El Salvador | July 2019

The mission among the Doctors of The Specific Chiropractic Centers, nationwide and internationally, is to take Upper Cervical Care to the World. So many people not only in the United States, but also third world countries such as Mexico, El Salvador, the Philippines, among others, have never had, nor ever will have the opportunity to have access to Upper Cervical Care.

Service is one of my core values that I willingly choose to place a huge emphasis on in serving humanity with the talents that I have been given. Serving from a place of integrity, and with the intent to help as many people as I possibly can live a prosperous, and limit-free life is my “why.”

Our Global Outreach Initiative is how we are able to bring this vision to fruition. A lot of chiropractors choose to do this by offering free services in their clinics, but at The Specific, rather than doing that, 3% of every care plan purchased at The Specific Chiropractic Centers is donated to our Global Outreach Initiative to help fund three to four trips a year to countries that would never have had the resources to receive this type of care.

In other words, we donate roughly an adjustment for every adjustment sold in our 16 clinics around the United States. These funds also allow us to take aspiring, and upcoming students who have an interest in Upper Cervical Care, the ability to be chosen, and attend an outreach trip of their own to train, and observe the power, and impact these trips have on humanity.

In a nutshell, because our patients at The Specific made the decision to invest in their health, it gave someone in a third world country that very same opportunity that would have NEVER had that ability otherwise!

Entire families, getting help. It was a big deal.

Clay Mosley, Filmaker